About Us

JJ Refinishing

JJ Refinishing was conceptualized and formulated. JJ Refinishing has extensive experience in design, decor and remodeling.

JJ Refinishing found a major deterrent for bathroom renovations were the associated costs. JJ Refinishing tried many products to reduce the cost, but none kept the high standard of professionalism to which she was accustomed. Until she found the high tech acrylic finish that transformed mundane old decrepit bathrooms to new ones with a minimal price tag.

JJ Refinishing opened a new division to her company when her grandfather became too ill to enter the bathtub on his own.  JJ Refinishing began her quest to find a product that would allow the ease of use and not break her ailing grandfather’s wallet. It took many months but the alternative was found-the Baignoire Adaptée.

The services offered by JJ Refinishing have expanded beyond just bathtub remodelling to include bath tub reglazing, sink refinishing, bathroom tile refinishing and more.

All employees at JJ Refinishing are thoroughly trained and accredited by the Professional Resurfacing Association (PRA) to offer the highest standards in the market to their clients.

All services offered by JJ Refinishing come with a 3 year limited warranty.