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Bathtub liners have one major flaw- Water gets trapped between the liner and the tub and then stagnates. This will cause the liner to detach from the tub and even create mold.

Bathtub liners degenerate the luxury feel of your enamel bathtub to a hollow plastic feel. The liner has to be placed over your existing tub and consequently take away a few inches from your bathing experience.
Water seeps between the liner and the tub:

When you stand on the liner your weight will work on the glue that holds the liner in place, pulling on the liner and causing it to separate enough to allow water in between. This makes the liner loose and insecure.The only option is to remove the inlay. If not replaced, the water will get between the liner and the tub and cause mold with a bad odour.

JJ Refinishing has been requested by many large multi-national hotels to remove the liners and reglaze their tubs. The hotel clients have complained of the smell of mold and the insecure bathing experience because of the liners.

Bathtub liners are very expensive ranging from $1000-$5000 and have serious quality issues associated to it.

Plastic liners are dull to begin with and continue to do so with time. Plastic liners are soft, therefore are fragile and scratch, dull and crack easily.

Bathtub Resurfacing is recommended by hotels and many other seasoned professionals.